TECHNOCONT Ltd is the small company for design and manufacturing Motor Protection devices and assemblies, Motor Control Centers and Industrial Automation systems.

We look partnership with Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers 

In process of modernizing electromotor drives and their assembly for our farms and agriculture enterprises customers we observe the motor control & protection problems not only in case of old agriculture machineries, but often ever in cases of practical using of modern high cost agriculture machineries manufactured by well known brands.

Till now we see analog motor protection devices, for example where “a coil heats a bimetallic strip” for motor overload protection are used together with modern microprocessor control systems for automated agriculture complexes. It leads to:

  • drive motors fail too often owing to as locked rotor/high overload regime as lose-of-load regime for motors in consequence of whether mistake of personal or some simple fails of technological process;
  • mechanical actuators can be physically destroyed owing to failed motor processing in locked rotor/high overload regimes in consequence of as to fail of simple sensors as personal mistakes.

Easy using of microprocessor based motor protection methods on the base of cheap current measuring can protect expensive agricultural machinery complexes from this kind of fails.

We propose partnership to use our cheap low dimension current sensors for operational current measuring in most motor circuits of agricultural machineries. Together with microprocessor based relays it could meaningful increase fault tolerance and fail-safe of your agricultural machineries.

Wide used microprocessor based motor protection method simplifies design of deep remote control solutions (wired, wireless based on accessible in agriculture area GSM, for example with SMS, etc).

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