TECHNOCONT Ltd is the small company for design and manufacturing Motor Protection devices and assemblies, Motor Control Centers and Industrial Automation systems.

Current Sensors, designed and prodused by TECHNOCONT Ltd

TECHNOCONT Ltd designed, matufacters and explores Current Sensors for motor protections devices and assemblies instead of standard Current Transformers.

It’s the technical realisation of the Invention patented by Mr.Eugen Malyshko, PhD (the Patent of Ukraine #89403, 25.01.2010), the co-founder of TECHNOCONT Ltd.

CurrentSensorPicture1TECHNOCONT Current Sensors Typical models are used with TECHNOCONT AC Motor Protection devices for

  • Voltage - ~≤1000 V
  • Frequency: from 48Hz to 51Hz
  • Rated Current from 2A to 500A

The Current Sensors TECHNOCONT decision ADVENTAGES

  • Less area is needed inside of Low Voltage Motor Control Assemblies Boxes
  • Cost effectiveness for intelligent microprocessor based Motor Protection

How Current Sensor operates?

TECHNOCONT Current Sensor is designed in accordance to typical Electronic Current Transformer Diagram (1.2 IEC 60044-8:2010). Primary generated in the current detector low lewel secondary current through the wire (≤300mm) runs on the analog amplifier, is converted into 4-20mA rated form and used by microprocessor for calculating.

Accuracy of TECHNOCONT Current Sensors (for Rated Primary Current from 20А to 96A)


TECHNOCONT Current Sensors Types, Rates and Dimensions


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